What is Happy Ocean Foods?

Happy Ocean Foods brings back the ecological balance in the oceans by developing and selling plant-based fish and seafood that is tasty, healthy and sustainable.

What are Happy Ocean Foods' current products?

Our first product is a plant-based shrymp. But we are planning to launch more plant-based products like salmon or tuna.

Does Happy Ocean Foods Shrymp taste like a real shrimp?

Our brand develops plant-based fish and seafood products that are very authentic in taste, texture and appearance. Our shrymp is not a 100% copy, but it is really rich in flavour and has a fibrous texture that resembles a real shrimp. You can't compare our shrymps to a boring vegetarian alternative. We have put a lot of time and effort into developing them to give you a great eating experience.

How do I prepare the Happy Ocean Foods Shrymps?

You can prepare them just like real shrimps. The important thing is that you sear our shrymp in a hot pan. You can also add some olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and your favourite herbs.

What ingredients do we mainly use in our vegetable shrymps?

We mainly use algae, soy protein, agave syrup and sea salt. Our ingredients are of high quality and come from sustainable production. Especially the soy comes from the region and does not affect the rainforest in any way.

Why do we have soy in our plant-based shrymps?

Soy is a common source of protein in vegan and vegetarian foods. Not just in new meat and fish alternatives - soy has been around for a long time, especially in Asian cuisine.
We dispel a few myths:
1) Is soy unhealthy?
Recent studies suggest that soy has a neutral or even positive effect on our health. Especially if you consume soy instead of red and processed meat. Soy is rich in protein and healthy fats, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals.
2) Is soy destroying the rainforest?
Indeed, large areas of rainforest have been destroyed by massive soy cultivation. But about 80 percent of soy is used for animal feed in industrial livestock farming. The soy used in this country in soy milk, tofu and other vegetarian and vegan alternatives comes mainly from Europe. 3) Is soy always genetically modified?
Food regulations in Europe are very strict about GMOs, so you can be sure that you are not ingesting genetically modified organisms when you eat soy.

Are the Happy Ocean Foods shrymps certified organic?

We are not sure about that yet. Our intention is to use only organic products. But we have developed a complicated method to produce our shrymps. In this process, it is not easy to meet the strict organic guidelines at every step. Moreover, the price of our shrimps would increase and therefore it also depends on you if you are willing to pay a higher organic price.

Why does the world need a plant-based alternative that mimics a real shrimp?

This is probably the most common question from die-hard meat eaters. We know how hard it is to change people's mindset and eating habits. We want to make it easy for people to reduce their consumption of fish and seafood. With an authentic and delicious alternative, they can continue to enjoy this type of food and not have to cut it out of their diet. The high consumption of fish and seafood causes huge environmental problems such as overfishing and miserable conditions for livestock, but also health problems for humans due to antibiotics, microplastics and mercury in the fish and seafood consumed. Furthermore, our current food system is not sustainable at all. Our plant-based diet can be scaled up in a sustainable way to feed the world's rapidly growing population.

Where can I buy Happy Ocean Foods Shrymps?

We are not yet on the market, but we plan to be available in some selected German restaurant chains from autumn 2021. We also plan to enter the retail market in early 2022. We will keep you posted.


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